Under Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating Under Floor Heating

Modern under floor heating delivers an excellent temperature profile between floor and ceiling due to a balanced combination of radiant and confected heat. By using radiant heat under floor heating ensures you feel comfortable even at a lower air temperature than that produced by a more conventional heating system.

With conventional central heating, the majority of heat is confected air, which rises, making the ceiling one of the warmest places in the room. However, 50% of the warmth generated by under floor heating is radiant heat, where the floor releases heat evenly, which is then absorbed by people and objects in the room with very little managing to escape.

Warm water is circulated from your boiler to the electrically operated valves (radiators, hot water, under floor heating) with a conventional heating system or (radiators, under floor heating) with a combi-boiler. When the room stat calls for heat the water passes through the zone valve and then onto the manifold where the water is circulated through continuous lengths of pipe embedded in the floor, that run at a lower water temperature (typically 50°C) than the radiators (70°C).

Ideal comfort conditions are created - warm feet, cool head; just perfect for relaxation.

If you walk into a home controlled by under floor heating, you should be able to tell the difference almost immediately. There are also fewer floor covering restrictions and under floor heating is suitable for use with all finishes including carpet, lino, hardwood, laminate and stone.

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