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Under Floor Insulation

Background Product

Insulating between the floors of a New Build Property is an efficient way to increase levels of insulation.

The insulation is installed, using the specified manufacturer’s product, fixed into place, to the required thickness (100mm, 150mm, 170mm, 200mm), to meet the required specification for each particular property.

The products used are normally Knauf Superglass or Ursa Fibreglass.


The installation is carried out by our own fully-trained technicians, who provide a professional, reliable and efficient service.

The material is laid to the specified thickness, between the floor joists, to provide full coverage of the area involved - to the required degree of thermal efficiency.

The material is supported on Netlon, to hold the insulation in place, before the floors are fully boarded.

The insulation not only has thermal qualities, but also helps to reduce noise transmission between other floors – especially

relevant in Apartment Blocks.

Benefits and Savings

  • No on-site storage of insulation
  • Less on-site wastage
  • Saving on Labour costs
  • No Mess/No Fuss
  • Work is programmed for completion, in advance, on the specified day –
    Guaranteed Installation – More Control
  • Improved Thermal Efficiency
  • Installed by fully trained personnel
  • Less on-site agent supervision (when using own labour).
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