Wind Turbines

Vertical Helical Wind TurbineWind TurbinesWind Turbines

Wind power has been commonly known about, for many years.

It is only recently however, that it has become more popular, due to falling prices and availability of the turbines, combined with a better understanding of the benefits they can provide.

Wind turbines can start generating power at wind speeds of over 5mph and reach their maximum output in winds of 25mph. They can easily handle stronger winds, as the blades twist, to allow the wind to pass through, without increasing the speed of the turbine. They have experienced speeds up to 150mph in storms in Scotland, gales in the Falkland Islands, and hurricanes in the Caribbean.

A typical breeze of 10mph would cause the noise emitted at the base of the tower to be around 40 decibels. To understand how much that is, a car passing you at 40mph 10 metres away, will produce 60-70 decibels.

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