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Code 6 Eco House

Eco House at United Renewables Scotland
Zero Carbon House
Code 6 house

‘A Wise Choice For Our Future’
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Eco House design, or houseing built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, using resources and technologies that capitalize on renewability, is a fast developing industry – be it for individual properties or for larger projects.

Here at URL, we have embarked, not only on a unique ‘Eco Cottage’ (standard size) recycling programme, but also a patented ‘off site’ construction system (built to any size – zero carbon housing). Using highly insulated products, these projects will hopefully reflect our commitment to the environment and promote our ‘green thinking’ to a wider audience, both on a regional and national basis.

Eco friendly (or ecological – ‘green’) buildings are structures that are beneficial or non-harmful to the environment, by virtue of how they are constructed. Consequently, they are resource efficient.

‘Green’ buildings eliminate problems encountered from conventional building materials and methods, seen through good ventilation design, breathable walls and the use of natural, non toxic products.

Products and Materials

Whether the ‘build’ is based on a recycled or new-build construction, the main criteria remain the same, with special consideration not only being given to the materials used, but to the impact on our energy, water and health.

All the Materials are obtained from natural, renewable sources and obtained locally to reduce the energy costs normally associated with transportation.  The materials used, are non-toxic and emission-free, reducing the risk to Health, such as asthma and other allergies, whilst also improving air quality.

Passive solar design dramatically reduces the heating and cooling costs of a building, as do high levels of insulation and energy efficient windows – therefore saving Energy.  Some of the products relating to this category and used specifically in URS ‘Green’ building methods can be seen through the following :-

  • Solar Thermal
  • Solar PV
  • Solar ventilation
  • Energy Efficient Lighting – Low energy Light Bulbs can last up to 100 x longer than normal bulbs
  • Low Energy Appliances
  • Wooden Windows from sustainable forests
  • Insulation in the Loft Space – Option for Sheep’s wool
  • External Wall Insulation with insulated render finish
  • AC/DC Power

Minimising Water use is extremely important in the construction of ‘Green’ buildings.  By installing Rainwater Harvesting Systems, water can be recycled and used for a multitude of things – such as washing clothes, irrigation and toilet flushing.  U.R.S dwellings therefore have these harvesting systems to feed the water facilities and aid water conservation.

Additional features of United Renewables Scotland Eco Cottage Programme

  • Extensions to the main frame can be made at any time to any part of the building
  • You can buy, lease or rent the units both on a domestic and commercial basis
  • Fire Retardant
  • Disabled Access
  • No Planning Permission usually required
  • Insulated to current Building Regulations

Code 6 building – down load brochure here – Code 6 House brochure

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