When power is normally generated for domestic use by power stations their efficiency is actually quite low. This is mainly due to cooling towers loosing heat. The amount of fuel in to power out can be as in-efficient as 50% or even lower.

The micro CHP generates electricity and heat at the same time, therefore combining heat and power. The heat produced by combustion in the generator to produce power is used to provide heat and hot water. A large capacity thermal store is often used so that the generator can be used for longer periods without interruption from external power cuts.

The power generated is AC (alternating current) at mains voltage. The domestic Micro CHP is sensibly balanced between heat produced and electricity generated. The fuel used to power the Micro CHP is normally natural gas with 12% of that fuel being turned into electricity, 78% into useful heat and 10% exhaust losses for each unit of fuel.

Micro CHP’s uses an external combustion engine. Rather than the internal combustion engine we have in our cars. These external combustion engines are highly efficient and relatively non-polluting in terms of CO2.

A domestic Micro CHP unit is over 90% efficient and is capable of supplying all the heating and hot water in a home together with about a kilowatt of electricity

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