Sempatap Insulation

Internal Wall/Ceiling Insulation


Installing internal Wall/Ceiling Insulation is an extremely effective way of improving Energy Efficiency in the home.

An excessive amount of energy is wasted, owing to lack of insulation on solid brick walls, concrete walls and other poorly insulated surfaces.

By insulating these areas, this substantially reduces heat loss and the rooms to your home feel immediately warmer. There are several products available on the market, some of which have been in use in the UK and in Europe for over 20 years.

Many have been successfully installed in thousands of properties, by Local Authorities and Housing Associations to combat heat loss and condensation problems.

Examples of the products used are Sempatap Thermal (10mm) and Aerogel.

General Application (Sempatap Thermal)

The installation is carried out by our own fully-trained technicians, who provide a professional, reliable and efficient service.

For surface preparation, all existing wallpaper must be removed. Artex ceilings should be sanded to remove all high peaks and all cracks and holes should be filled with proprietary filler.  All flaking paint and gloss painted walls are slightly abraded and then washed and rinsed clean.

All highly porous surfaces are to be painted with one coat of Sempatap ‘A’ primer and then allowed to dry. The Sempatap material is then cut to length, allowing a 25mm overlap at each end.

The ‘cut’ of material is then rolled up, with the foam side facing outwards, ready for installation.

Sempatap adhesive is then applied with a trowel, to either the wall or the ceiling surface, as appropriate. The foam side of the material is applied to the wet adhesive and positioned into place (light hand pressure, at this stage, allows repositioning).

When the full length of the material is in the required position, firm hand pressure is applied to ensure final contact.

The application is continued and completed, by applying subsequent lengths to the area being installed.

Benefits and Savings

  • No Mess/No Fuss
  • The insulation keeps the heat in and the cold out – Benefits for a Warmer and More Energy Efficient Home
  • Lower Fuel Bills/Reduces C02 Emissions
  • Cost Effective – Making Sound Environmental Sense
  • Protects against Global Warming
  • Adds to the Value of the Property
  • A more comfortable home to live in – Improved Living Conditions
  • Dramatically reduces the incidence of Condensation
  • Quick and Easy to Install

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