Solid Wall Insultaion

Solid Wall


Warmstone ® is an internationally recognized Insulation Render System which is now widely available for use throughout the UK.


Warmstone ® is made from a mixture of Limestone and Powdered Stone Product, which is then coloured with natural pigments to match the appearance of an existing surface.

Providing answers to

  • Solid wall houses
  • Homes with minimum cavity widths (where other systems have failed)
  • Single brick/block buildings

Satisfying requirements for

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Private Homes
  • House builders
  • Commercial Enterprises

Thermal Imagery reveals that the property insulated with environmentally friendly Warmstone ® saves 88 tonnes of C02 and therefore is more energy efficient.


After surface preparation, this Premium Product can be professionally applied to suit a variety of situations.

  • To Existing Walls and New Build Properties
  • To Exterior and Interior walls
  • To a wide variety of External and Internal Features

Benefits and Savings

Exterior Finish

The product is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and therefore durable to the passing of time - Weatherproof and Maintenance Free.

  • Provides easy solutions to existing homes where, in the past, any other external improvement may have proven difficult or appeared even impossible
  • For use on Solid, Stone, Brick and Block Walls
  • Appreciates the existing Architecture, keeping properties in Harmony with their surroundings
  • Available for use in areas of ‘special interest

Exterior Finish with Insulation

This render system can be combined with External Wall Insulation as an added feature

  • Adds to the Thermal Properties of the Building - Environmentally Friendly
  • Brings properties in line with current Building Regulations
  • Reduces the Carbon Footprint of your home
  • Alleviates Damp and Condensation
  • Reduces Noise Transmission

Internal Finish

Inside the home, this product offers a wide range of benefits and improvements to existing finishes

  • Brings a whole new life to Interior Design
  • Offers significant changes to internal features, such as walls, columns, fireplaces, archways, ceilings, cornices and framework
  • Enhances the Warmth and Cosiness of your home
  • Allows individuals to create their own design
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