Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation


Loft Insulation is one of the most effective insulation measures for Buildings in the UK. The Insulation is installed, using the Specified Manufacturer’s product (Mineral Fibre Rolls), laid to the required thickness and dependent upon the amount of insulation already present.

The material is supplied in varying thicknesses (100mm,150mm,170mm, 200mm) providing an easy and effective means of meeting today’s standards.

Examples of the products used are Knauf Superglass and Ursa Fibreglass.


The installation is carried out by our own fully-trained technicians, who provide a professional, reliable and efficient service.
The rolls are taken straight to the main loft area where they are unwrapped for installation.  This avoids any mess or inconvenience to the homeowner.

The material is laid either to the specified thickness, in one layer between the joists or in two layers (at right angles) and thus providing full loft coverage to the required degree of thermal efficiency.

Special care is taken to maintain the necessary ventilation between the insulation and the roof covering.

The installation includes insulation to tanks and pipes

Benefits and Savings

  • 25% of domestic heat is lost through the roof of an un-insulated property – By installing Loft Insulation and Saving Energy – You will save on Your Heating Bills immediately
  • No Mess/No Fuss
  • The insulation keeps the heat in and the cold out – Benefits for a Warmer and more Energy Efficient Home
  • Cost –Effective – Making Sound Financial and Environmental Sense
  • Adds to the Value of your property
  • A More comfortable Home to live in
  • Insulation Grants Available

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