Super Silver Cavity Wall Insulation

Super Silver


The manufacturer of the Warmfill ® product has been working continually to improve the performance of all their products to provide Builders with an easy answer to meeting the proposed new Building Regulations. Blue Flag ® is currently working in partnership with Warmfill ® to promote the qualities, performance and the advantages of this unique product to the House Builder Sector.


 Warmfill ® Super Silver Cavity Wall Insulation is a Bonded Bead System which utilizes two basic components. This combines a specially manufactured grade of closed cell polystyrene thermal bead with a drying adhesive, which is coated onto the bead, during the injection process.

The special bonding agent allows the beads to flow freely until the cavity wall is completely full. The adhesive then sets and the beads are formed into a bonded heat saving mass. 
The product will not shrink, crack, settle or be unduly affected by any alteration to the outside brickwork. The unique draining qualities of the product, allow the cavity to drain, breathe and remain dry. 
The product is suitable for all non-insulated cavity walls and gives approximately 15 – 20% better thermal insulation than other products.


The following table details the four main Cavity Wall Insulation Products manufactured by Warmfill ®. Most Cavity wall Insulation systems only achieve .040 Lambda value. The range provided by Warmfill ® however, gives a Lambda value from .040 for white Warmfill ® to 0.32 for the Super Silver. 
When considering the above lambda values, the achievable ‘U’ values on 100mm cavity widths are from .34 to .26 respectively for the same products.

Comparing the Product to Other Insulation Methods – Savings

  • No expensive on-site storage of Insulation Materials
  • Less on-site Wastage
  • Saving on Labour Costs – Faster Building Programme
  • Less on-site Agent Supervision
  • No Insulation to Gable Peaks (unless ‘Room in Roof’ exists)
  • Product is approved for all Exposure Zones
  • Draining Qualities of the Product all the Cavity to breathe and remain dry
  • Gives 15% - 20% Better Thermal Insulation than other Products
  • Easier to install than other systems
  • Most other Cavity Insulation Systems only achieve .040 Lambda Value. Based on EST calculations
Insulation Material Types Specifications and Savings
Warmfill ® White White Low 
Silver Super Silver
Lambda Value .040 0.38 0.34 0.32
‘U’ Value 100mm
Cavity Width
.34 .32 .27 .26
Annual Saving 30% 32% 35% 38%
Savings KWH/M2 
Per Year
178 181 187 193
C02 Emissions
Tonnes Per Year
4.9 5.0 5.45 5.5
Savings Per Year £350 £395 £426 £457
UK Office