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Warmstone® is an internationally recognized Insulation Render System which is now widely available for use throughout the UK.

Product Warmstone® is made from a mixture of Limestone and Powdered Stone Product, which is then coloured with natural pigments to match the appearance of an existing surface.

Exterior Finish

The product is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and therefore durable to the passing of time - Weatherproof and Maintenance Free.

• Provides easy solutions to existing homes where, in the past, any other external improvement may have proven difficult or appeared even impossible
• For use on Solid, Stone, Brick and Block Walls
• Appreciates the existing Architecture, keeping properties in Harmony with their surroundings
• Available for use in areas of Special Interest’

Exterior Finish with Insulation

This render system can be combined with External Wall Insulation as an added feature.

• Adds to the Thermal Properties of the Building - Environmentally Friendly
• Brings properties in line with current Building Regulations
• Reduces the Carbon Footprint of your home
• Alleviates Damp and Condensation
• Reduces Noise Transmission

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