Timber Frame Insulation

Timber Frame Insulation


Timber Frame Insulation is one of the most effective Insulation measures for New Build dwellings.

The construction techniques of this type of build generally demand extremely high levels of insulation, not only to the External walls, but to Party walls, Stairwell walls and internal partitions.

The products, which provide a ‘Complete Package’ for a Timber Frame property are supplied in Batts/Rolls and comply with current Building Regulations

Examples of the products used are :-

  • Knauf/Superglass Timber Frame Wall Batts to the Specified thickness – External, Party and Stairwell Walls
  • Acoustic Partition Roll (APR) – Internal Partitions and Party Walls
  • Warmfill Silver ® Lining


The installation is carried out by our own fully-trained technicians who provide a professional, reliable and efficient service.

In the case of External Insulation, the material is friction fitted to the walls and covered with ‘Visqueen’, which provides a vapour barrier for extra efficiency. All joints are taped and overlapped.

For Party walls, Stairwell walls and internal partitions, the appropriate insulation is friction fitted between the joists and covered with ‘Netlon’ to hold the material in place before plastering.  This provides an excellent solution for noise transmittance.

Benefits and Savings

  • No expensive on-site storage of insulation – considerable cost savings over other insulation methods
  • Less on-site wastage
  • Faster Building Programme
  • Less on-site Agent Supervision
  • Installed by fully trained personnel
  • Improved Thermal Efficiency
  • Total package – Meeting the full requirements of the House Builder
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